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Policies, Procedures & Reports

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POL-OPS-007 Document and Data Control Policy

POL-OPS-015 – Hazardous Chemicals Policy

POL-OPS-023 Develop and Introduce Workplace Policies

POL-OPS-025 Emergency Management Policy

POL-OPS-026 Contractor Management Policy

POL-OPS-027 Site Induction Policy

POL-WHS-002 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

POL-WHS-003 Drug and Alcohol Policy

POL-WHS-004 Company Vehicle Use Policy

POL-WHS-005 Harassment and Bullying Free Workplace Policy

POL-WHS-006 Anti-Discrimination Policy

POL-WHS-010 Personal Electronic Mobile Devices Policy

POL-WHS-011 Workplace Housekeeping Cleanliness Policy

POL-WHS-013 Company Mobile Phone Policy

POL-WHS-011 Workplace Housekeeping Cleanliness Policy

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Established in 2012, A1 Building Solutions is a privately owned Australian company specialising in facilities maintenance and construction.

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